You Age Well, Murray Hill

Post card  NYPL

Home to many of the diplomatic missions of the United Nations, Murray Hill has long been known for its residential dwellings. Mid-rise buildings provide a decent view of the street life, while allowing the neighborhoods select high-rise the opportunity to give its residents the perfect view of New York City and the East River. It is a very quiet neighborhood, with statistics that prove Murray Hill to be one of the safest in New York City itself. Lastly, with its cheaper rent, Murray Hill is quickly becoming a popular to residents looking for a safe, quiet, and fun place to live in.

Looking back, Murray Hill’s prestigious past adds to the luxury and lax personality it has today. It gets its name from a family of Quaker merchants that settled here and were primarily engaged in overseas shipping and trade during the 18th century. Robert Murray, born in Ireland, decided to migrate into New York City on 1753 from North Carolina. Here he decided to rent land from the city for his house - the Inclenberg,  and a farm that totaled an area equal to 29 acres. During the American Revolution Mary Lindley Murray, Robert’s wife, managed to delay British general William Howe, allowing a large amount of  American troops to retreat and evade captivity. Some argue that this event helped save a huge amount of lives for the Americans.

In the 19th century, the neighborhoods limit marked the boundary of the city, ending at the reservoir located on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street which is home to the current New York Public Library Building and Bryant Park. It is during this time that we see much of Murray Hill’s brownstones going up.

The 20th century gave rise the Hill’s older and wealthier resident population . And in the later 1990’s, many successful young professionals decided to move into the quiet and humble neighborhood Murray Hill. In it, the established Third Avenue provides more than enough restaurants and bar lounges to create an all-round neighborhood that will cater to the young and more established crowd simultaneously.

Conclusively, we can see how from its infantile stages, Murray Hill has become the “Full-bodied, refreshing coffee” New York has been needing to remain alive. You age well Murray Hil.