Manhattan on the Move: Lunch Beat NYC

Lunch Beat NYC

New Yorker’s have long been known to raise the bar, be it in fashion, food, art, culture and everything else in between. Setting the trend & paving the way, for everything new and unique, New Yorker's make most of the “New York Minute.

Speaking of which, the newest craze that has hit Manhattan, is driving its workforce out of their cubicles and on the dance floor, for a quick 60 minute shake up. The folks at Lunch Beat NYC, have introduced the city to this cool concept, which by the way has been the in-thing for corporatesin Sweden, Montreal for a while now!

Hosted by the city’s culture-vultures Isha Toor, a 25 year old Business Analyst and Sarah Reynolds, a 33 year-old freelance Photography Archivist/Artist’s Assistant & Turntablist, there are a series of these events happening all across Manhattan, the first one that just concluded yesterday, with DJ QuestLove, seems to have swept Manhattanites off their feet.

Lunch Beat NYC

A great concept that is ideal for working professionals to step out, de-stress; this 60-minute break is known to boost productivity too! With the first event off to a great start, grabbing the attention of everyone from NY Times to internationally BBC as well, the folks at Lunch Beat hope to spread the “Sound of Music” outside of Manhattan, welcoming anyone who likes to shake things up on a busy weekday.

With outdoor events planned in spaces like Bryant Park, Times Square, Madison Square Park, etc. Lunch Beat welcomes New York to its global community of mid-day party goers, who ditch their desk for the dance floor!