Best Coffee Shops in the Upper East Side

Upper East Side Coffee Shops

The Upper East Side is known for it’s amazing cultural institutions, boutique dining, award-winning dining and, of course, some of the most prestigious addresses in the world. But how does the neighborhood’s coffee hold up? Today we continue our quest to find the best coffee shops in Manhattan. Whether you live in the neighborhood, or just want to grab a cup during your visit to Central Park or the world-class museums of the classic New York City neighborhood, this list of the best coffee shops in the Upper East Side is for you.


Via Quadronno Panda

Via Quadronno

Location, location, location. Via Quadronno is on East 73rd Street between Fifth and Madison—just steps away from Central Park. This small Italian restaurant and paninoteca (very fun word for sandwich shop) is well-known for their paninis and cappuccinos, with the latter always being perfectly creamy and thick. Via Quadronno uses Antica Tostatura Triestina beans for their espresso. To the coffee connoisseur, you know what that means. In laymen’s terms, let’s just say you’ll like it.


Joe Coffee Upper East Side

Joe Coffee

Joe’s is a must go for joe you know. Joe opened their first location 10 years ago in the West Village, and today, the coffee shop has expanded to eight locations throughout Manhattan, including the Upper East Side. Though this location is only a few years old, it quickly became one of the best coffee shops in the Upper East Side. Not only does Joe serve up a top-notch cup of coffee, but they also offer various coffee brewing classes to educate coffee newbies and aficionados alike.


Crumbs Upper East Side Coffee


Okay, so Crumbs is a bake shop first and foremost, but what goes better with dessert than a good cup of coffee? Crumbs understands the importance of a quality cup of coffee, and that’s why we’re listing it as one of the best coffee shops in the Upper East Side. Fair warning: you may enter crumbs for a cup of coffee, and end up leaving with a box full of cupcakes.


Le Churro UES

Le Churro

Le Churro is another example of great coffee not being exclusive to coffee-only shops. Come for the churros, stay for the famous La Colombe coffee. That’s right. Le Churro brings the downtown fixture uptown, and when paired with any of their mouthwatering churros, well, it’s just a perfect recipe for success.


Cafe Noi Espresso Bar

Cafe Noi

Cafe Noi is a charming neighborhood cafe with high quality coffee in a place that mimics that warm, welcoming feeling that coffee brings. Aside from the amazing coffee at Cafe Noi, they also have a fine selection of pastries to boot. Cafe Noi also has a rewards card, so if you’re a daily drinker, then this is the place for you.


What do you think of these coffe shops? Did we miss any? Let us know!