Best Coffee Shops in Brooklyn

Best Coffee Shops in Brooklyn

If you’re like us, coffee can make or break your day. In a city that moves at a mile-a-minute pace, sometimes caffeine is a necessity. Sure, there’s no shortage of coffee in New York, but we’re on a search for the best coffee the City has to offer. Today’s stop: Brooklyn.


Blue Bottle NYC

Blue Bottle Coffee

This isn’t the first time that a Blue Bottle Coffee location has made our list of best coffee shops in the City. Blue Bottle Coffee brews one of the finest cups you can get in Brooklyn, from their wide range of drips to their rich espressos. When the first Blue Bottle Coffee opened in the Bay Area of California, it was with the vow that only organic coffee that was out of the roaster for less than 48 hours would be sold in order to ensure that the customers enjoy coffee at its peak. That tradition continues today in Williamsburg.


Bacchus Cafe Brooklyn

Bacchus Cafe

While Bacchus Cafe is named after the Greek god of wine, the Downtown Brooklyn fixture is easily one of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn. Bacchus Cafe has a laid back atmosphere, and many patrons sit and enjoy a latte with various French pastries without ever feeling rushed. Bacchus Cafe also has a great selection of sandwiches. Bottom line: Come for the coffee; stay for the croissants.


Upright Coffee Greenpoint

Upright Coffee

Upright Coffee in Greenpoint is small, but what this little place lacks in size, it easily makes up for in coffee. The coffee menu at Upright is solid, but the most popular drink has to be the French lavender latte. Though Upright Coffee doesn’t make sandwiches like some other shops, they do have a great selection of muffins, croissants and pastries from Ceci Cela. Upright is definitely the best in Greenpoint, and one of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn.


De Luxe Coffee Brooklyn

De Luxe

It’s okay to set your expectations high for De Luxe in Park Slope. From their website: “We are just regular people. Regular people who like to eat and drink stuff. Really good stuff.” That’s what you get at De Luxe. Great coffee. No snobbery. That’s why we consider it to be one of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn. All of the coffee at De Luxe is roasted by Doma Coffee Roasting Company, ensuring that your coffee is top notch. De Luxe also has a fantastic sandwiches like house-made ricotta, figs & truffled honey and hot sopressata, cherry peppers, fresh mozzarella, & arugula.


Iris Cafe

Iris Cafe

What brings you to Brooklyn Heights? Is it the charming tree-lined streets and historic brownstones? Or is the the Brooklyn Bridge promenade? If you’re like us, it’s for Iris Cafe. Oftentimes, one place serves great coffee, but subpar food. Other times, you find the opposite. That’s what makes Iris Cafe one of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can get a cup of Stumptown coffee and great food whenever the mood strikes.


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