The Most Expensive Home in New York City Asks for $130 Million

River House NYC

What kind of home does $130 million buy you in New York City? Well, you could always buy 130 million-dollar homes. Or, you could spend all $130 million on the biggest and most expensive residence in New York City.

For the first time ever, River House, one of the most exclusive and prestigious co-ops in New York, is offering the five-story “Residence”, which has served as the building’s private club since 1931. There’s one, small catch that comes with this $130 million listing—it is being sold in its existing condition, which is basically raw space.

The purchase of the Residence at River House does come complete with renovation plans, which would turn the 62,000-square-foot space into a 30-room, 8-bedroom, 10-bathroom home, according to the listing.

The record-breaking asking price for New York City of $130 million surpases the $125 million price tag of the Pierre penthouse, as well as the $115 million duplex at One Beacon Court. The massive home would also be one of the most expensive and biggest not only in New York City, but the entire country, according to Forbes.

The Residence at River House, located in Midtown Manhattan, comes with its own private entrance on 52nd Street’s cul-de-sac. The 27,500 square-foot area designated as the garden/leisure level features an 82-foot swimming pool, tennis court, screening room, wine cellar, spa and game room.

While the $130 million asking price might appear lofty, the price per square foot is only $2,100, which is nothing compared to some penthouse condos asking $10,000 per square foot.