SuperPier's Preview Set for Future Renovation in Chelsea

YoungWoo & Associates have been planning a revitalization and reimagining of Pier 57 into SuperPier, a cultural hub with retail space, characterized by conex box modularity.  The project, which comes with the tagline in hendiatris, “Culture, Cargo, Chaos,” is planned as a full cultural hub, making room for retail and restaurants, as well as event space, including its public, rooftop park, which will can hold an audience of around 3,000.

Several years ago, it was used as a detention center for protestors of the 2004 Republican National Convention, making for a certainly unique episode in the facility’s history.  But since then, it has been used as a venue for events like the Wine and Food Festival.  The pier had also previously opened up its floors as a popup market, complete with its soon-to-be signature freight box spaces, giving visitors a chance to get a feel for the project’s future.  And meshing with the rest of Chelsea, its future is sure to be hip, as they seek lessees in “global retailers, entrepreneurs, big brands trying new things, square watermelons.”  Notable popups included Michael Bastian’s American Gothic-inspired shop, complete with haystack, and pebble-pile anchors for Linda Farrow’s eyewear displays.

Currently, the space is only partially open, still enabling visitors to enjoy it as a waterfront location, and as an event space, with a particular emphasis on film and fashion.  Earlier, a collection of 36 freight containers were suspended from the ceiling as an art installation by architects Josemaria de Churtichaga and Cayetana de la Quadra-Salcedo that came in addition to other features like floor murals and public use table tennis.  Giorgio Armani also took advantage of the space, using the venue to host his exhibition, “One Night Only”, as part of his travelling collection.

The pier’s renovation is another installment in Chelsea’s new public spaces, joining the High Line and Chelsea Market.  The developer’s founder, Young Woo, has particular interest in the project, having lived in the neighborhood since 1981.  The project is currently slated for a spring 2015 opening.  Developments pertaining to SuperPier and Chelsea culture can be followed on their social media.