Neighborhood Watch: Harlem's Rising Star


The neighborhood of Harlem has changed throughout time and has fit into a number of categories since it’s beginnings in  the 17th century. Notably, the neighborhood has morphed from, farmland, battlefield, resort town, commuter town, and presently has re-burst into life in the 21st century as one of NYC’s most sought out neighborhoods. Here’s why: 2013 apartment’s in Harlem were both bountiful in inventory and reasonable in price, leading to a higher influx of new residents.

Rents in Harlem were found to have the largest increase in Manhattan, with a 9.4 percent increase rate. The price of rent jumped from $2,191 in 2013 and hit $2,397 in January of 2014. The real success of Harlem came when the economic crisis was in effect, the neighborhood was offering more affordable prices than most neighborhoods in Manhattan. The trend continued and Harlem began to develop new apartment buildings such as the Adeline, located at 23 W. 116th Street, which quickly picked up residents.

Apartments aren’t the only key to Harlem’s rising star of success, there are also new shops, restaurants, and an incomparable history. "The thing about Harlem is that it's still Manhattan, still the 212 number, and we have the architecture and flavor that no other neighborhood has," said Anahi Angelone, owner of The Corner Social restaurant and bar, to Newsday.

To celebrate the culture, spirit, and revival of Harlem is the Harlem EatUP three-day food festival taking place in 2015. Sponsored by former President Bill Clinton and Mayor Bill de Blasio, the event will showcase the old and new in Harlem’s food industry and neighborhood. Clinton’s post-presidential office is also located in Harlem, and has always been a supporter of the neighborhood’s revival.

Harlem residents also credit the success of their neighborhood to community involvement, “Since I've been here, there's always been that community togetherness and it's been here for a long time," added Angelone. "I don't think that's ever going away."

With rising rents, new developments, and a historically strong active community Harlem is branding itself as a hot market with much more to look forward to.