15 Renwick's Characters Were Already in the Halloween Spirit

15 Renwick is cool enough to run with the Soho crowd.  On Halloween, the building launched its sales with a Halloween party complete with the characters of its marketing campaign.  Not merely what Curbed likes to call “scalies”, the quirky characters photographed by Henry Leutwyler are meant to pay homage to the era surrounding the namesake of its address, James Renwick, and his son, James Renwick Jr.

Described by Curbed as steampunk and Victorian, three out of the four main characters keep a foppish and macaroni fashion that tends towards Rococo (what with the powdered wigs, breeches, and big hair), and the fourth, a boxer, fits the bill well.  The dream of the 1890s isn’t just alive in Portland - it’s right here by Soho.  A false-moustachioed Shaun Osher of CORE Group donned a bowler hat and tattoo sleeve shirt (an important distinction from a tattoo sleeve).

15 Renwick Street was designed by ODA Architecture, who have a reputation of playing with cubes as a basic motif - to be sure, even the loading graphic on their site shows a shuffling of square like a sliding puzzle.  Still, it manages to make reference to the neighborhood’s history in the printing industry, with glass panels and matte black steel cladding reminiscent of girders.  Extending even to the designs of the interiors, each residence is noted for clean lines and angles as most evident in the cabinetry and fixtures of its kitchens and bathrooms, but they also have exposed columns.  Of course, also found in the details are herringboned marble tiles, copper accents, and walnut plank floors.

Undoubtedly, the marketing campaign is bold and unique, but as Eldad Blaustein of IGI said, “Sure there will be some criticism, some jokes,but I don’t care… Aesthetically I think it’s beautiful and it will appeal to the clients we want.”