Coming Soon: The Durst Block in Midtown West

Posted on Tue, 02-24-2015

One building at a time, the Durst Organization is taking over Midtown West, with innovative, luxury rental buildings modernizing a very historic neighborhood. The Durst Organization is responsible for the design of 1 Bryant Park, 1 World Trade Center, and .

With The Helena completed, 625 West 57th Street under construction, and a new design in the works, the Durst Organization will occupy much of 57th-58th Street and 11th-12th avenue. The Helena, at 601 West 57th Street, was completed in 2005 and stands 38 stories tall with almost 600 units. The Helena has a primarily glass exterior and an asymmetrical design with a slanted top. Its interior finishes are certified to be sustainable, and its garages feature plugs for electric/hybrid vehicles. The Helena was the first voluntary LEED-certified residential building, receiving a Gold rating, as well as the first to have a residential composting program.

The Tetrahedral at 625 West 57th Street is expected to be completed in the fall of 2015. The Tetrahedral has a much more unique shape, as the name implies. The so called “courtscraper” is designed as as a marriage between the . The building is shaped almost like a slanted pyramid with a concave indent where the courtyard is, and many of the units come with a terrace. 625 West 57th Street will be 32 stories high, but with such a wide base it will still manage to have over 700 rental units. 600 West 58th Street shows the beauty accomplished by incorporating greenery into concrete designs.

We have a new design to look forward to at 600 West 58th Street. This building will be a modest 10 stories tall, containing 65 units, but with vast retail space at the base. Alexander Durst explained to YIMBY that the “design for 600 West 58th Street is a beautiful compliment to the Bjarke Ingels-inspired architecture for 600 West 58th Street. Once completed, the block will be a mecca of innovative design with nearly 1,400 units of rental housing including more than 275 affordable apartments.” 600 West 58th Street is due to be completed in 2016, though we do not know the new, innovative features it will have. Though, based on the Durst Organization’s commitment to sustainability, we can be sure that 600 West 58th Street will set a new standard for green constructions.


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