These Four New Midtown Manhattan Constructions Should Be On Your Radar

New Renderings For 1 Park Lane New Luxury Condominium Construction on Central Park South

Amidst the many new luxury condominium constructions popping up around Midtown Manhattan, some beckon for our attention more than others as they make headway. From new renderings to tense halts in construction, these four cloud-scrapers have grabbed our attention.

The renderings for the 1 Park Lane tower have been released, showing a sleek and unified design for the 1,200-foot luxury condominium on Central Park South. The tower was initiated to replace the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel, creating a new pillar of excellence in the sky. The 1 Park Lane tower will be the fourth tallest residential building in New York when finished. However, 1 Park Lane remains only a dream on paper, as the permits to begin construction have not been obtained.

New Renderings of The MoMA Tower, a New Luxury Condominium Construction on Central Park South

Equally exciting renderings were released for an updated look at The MoMA Tower on Central Park South, also referred to as 53W53, giving more details about what to expect from the design of interior spaces. The design is industrial and bold, showing its skeletal frame outwardly rather than hiding it behind walls. Additional images of the hauntingly beautiful peaks piercing the sky were included in the release, adding depth to the masterpiece that originated from the renderings released earlier this year.

New Rendering for Ultra-Luxe 111 West 57th Street Tower in Midtown Manhattan

The unnamed super tower planned on the ultra-luxe row of super towers at 111 West 57th Street that would soar over 1,400 feet into the sky has reached a problem in funding. The two project developers, Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney, continue to ask their investors for millions of dollars in additional funding, but are receiving only fractions of what they are asking. It is unclear why additional funding is necessary, and with construction already underway, hopefully the tower will be finished as planned in 2016.

Super Tower One Vanderbilt is Approved for Construction in Midtown East Manhattan

With a unanimous vote, the One Vanderbilt building was approved for construction on Wednesday after clearing up an unusual zoning issue. The building construction approval required rezoning five blocks of Midtown East. The 1,500 foot mouth-dropper will be the nine to five home to the business-people of New York and is the tallest of this week’s buildings in summary. The One Vanderbilt will be the new next door neighbor to Grand Central Station, saving time for commuters in this tower, and perhaps fewer train delays due to the $210 million granted by developer SL Green for transit improvements in return for approval of the project. Completion is scheduled for the year 2020.