Upper East Side Revitalized by the Second Avenue Subway Station

The Second Avenue Subway, also known as the subway line that was never built, is scheduled to open its first phase to the public on December 30th of next year. Since the opening of the 7 Line’s new subway station at 34th and Hudson Yards in September, developers are exploring some of the most isolated parts of the city.

With a new station comes a new neighborhood, and since 2005, Hudson Yards has been expanding its appeal to residents and businesses with the objective of meeting the station's opening. With the construction of the Second Avenue train line getting back on schedule, another Manhattan neighborhood is about to be filled in with something new.

Up-and-coming neighborhoods are a valuable asset in real estate, and over time, they contribute to an influx of lifestyle bonuses. What we know so far about the Second Avenue subway station is that the Q Train service will extend to 96th Street with plans to serve about a quarter of a million subway riders. The MTA is set on reducing some of the congestion on Lexington Avenue by providing this service to residents in the far East Side of Manhattan.

Running along Second Avenue and 96th street, Carnegie Hill and Yorkville are neighborhoods in the Upper East Side that gain the most from the Second Avenue extension. Said to be on a rebound, the housing in Yorkville is a 10 to 15 minute walk from the nearest subway, and it's an inconvenience that sellers can expect to be resolved by the new subway line. The neighborhood's very much family-oriented, with a relatively isolated and quiet environment overlooking the East River.

By Second Avenue at Yorkville, the condo at 389 East 89th Street is a newly constructed tower with fully furnished apartments featuring East River views and coolly-crafted floor plans. Residents have access a full-time concierge and valet service

Carnegie Hill's Philip House in 141 E 88th Street emphasizes a mix of white space and classic interiors in their 4-bedroom 4-bath condo in Apartment #2F. A walking distance from Gracie Mansion and the new Second Avenue line, the 2,615 square foot apartment has a smooth disposition of natural wood and stone.

With the timeline of the Second Avenue line approaching completion, the condos in Carnegie Hill and Yorkville have a promising outlook on convenience and changing the landscape of their neighborhoods.