Pricey New Boutique Development on the West Side

The newest soon to be completed addition of luxury developments at the High Line have just revealed their prices for the units. The gas station-replacing condominium tower - dubbed The Getty– will start at $15 million for each of the six full-floor residences, roughly $4,500 a foot for the 3,300 square foot home.

For the 6,400-square-foot duplex penthouse, the asking price will start at $50 million. This unit comes with its own private rooftop terrace, a pool, and 3,000 feet of exterior space. Each unit in the tower will be finished with lavish materials coming in from all over the world such as stone, marble, and wood from India, Pakistan, Uganda and Greece.

The condominium itself will also hold an art museum featuring pieces from artist J. Tomilson Hill’s private collection. This is the priciest new development project on the West Side, with the expected sellout for the project at $140 million. Units are expected to be ready by this summer.