Nomad's Tallest Tower Will Soon Rise

Courtesy of Five Point & Mir

The tallest building in Nomad has officially been set to rise at 262 Fifth Avenue. The Department of Buildings has just approved the 1,009-foot skyscraper, which was designed by Meganon. Renderings of the skyscraper reveal a modern Manhattan glass building, which towers over the immediate neighborhood.

The project will be developed by Boris Kuzinez, who operates under the firm Five Points Development. The site was purchased in 2016 for $101 million, and the two building that sat at the corner of 29th Street and Fifth Avenue have already been torn down for the new condominium development.

262 Fifth Avenue before the two buildings were torn down (via Google Maps)

Although the tower will be one of Nomad’s tallest so far, it will only hold 41 new apartments. The base of the tower will also be completely limestone and separated from the rest of the building in order to ensure that each home will be column-free, to provide the maximum amount of space to residents.

Based on the rendering of the tower, each home will have high ceilings fitted with large windows, allowing for a lot of light to come through as most of the structure will not be blocked by any other buildings. It was also revealed that the development will have an observation deck, which is expected to have astonishing views of the city.

Nomad has previously been known as a smaller, more quaint neighborhood compared to most of Manhattan, but slowly the area has gained new additions, bringing in several new developments, with more homes, restaurants, shops, and several subway lines.