Sky Gardens are Headed to Midtown

Rendering by ODA New York

A unique project has just been announced that will add another soaring skyscraper to Midtown. Developers Triangle Assets plan to bring the 41-story project to 303-305 East 44th Street, but construction has currently been put on hold.


The director of Triangle Assets Development, Ben Stavrach, has decided to put the project on pause, although permits for demolition of the currently standing low-rise building at the site were filed back in February of 2016.


Once the project resumes, it will rise 600 feet tall and hold 44 condos, with six floating gardens starting after the 23rd floor followed by full-floor condos. These full-floor sky gardens will give way to a new standard in the city, allowing New Yorkers to have more outdoor green space without leaving the comfort of their home. ODA New York kept the future of the city in mind when designing the new project, giving a little more green space to the tower than typically found in most residential buildings.


These floating gardens will be centered in the heart of Manhattan. Midtown’s lively streets are packed with New Yorkers for a reason because they hold countless restaurants, shopping centers, grocery stores, and are close to several major subway lines.


Construction on the gorgeous site should begin soon.