The New Times Square: Big deal for real estate, whether you love it or not

Times Square New York Construction By now you've likely formed an opinion about the recent conversion of much of Times Square into open-air community space. Lots of people love having a worldly New York City centerpiece. Others see nothing but Bloomberg's ham-fist at work. Either way, it's a pretty revolutionary idea, right? Speaking of, here's an interesting article from the Real Deal... Times Square goes from pavement to park. From the article:

For now, as New York citizens and tourists lounge around in deckchairs on the alien asphalt in Times Square, the "crossroads of the world," they are experiencing the thrilling incongruity of recreational urban-ness, a relatively new emotion in a pavement city, and one that will soon come to define it.

The comments at TRD are noteworthy... commenter #1 demands "real business issues" instead of Friedman-y ponderings about the future of the concept of the city. We live to please here at NCM, so here's some real business for commenter #1: Browse apartments for sale near Times Square, the longtime heart of the industrialized world and the potential forefront of new urbanism. Can you imagine a more exciting place to own property? Well, maybe like Zanzibar or Tibet, sure.

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