Why NYC Green Apartments Are Great For Non-Greenies, Too

Green apartments in NYCGreen Buildings? Sounds nice and all, but what can they offer homebuyers who aren't all that worried about the environment? Plenty... from better air and water to long-term savings due to efficiency. Check out Shades of Green: Builders, buyers differ on importance of eco-friendly living on Daily News, for some accounts from real buyers like yourself. What comes through from these buyers is clear: buying Green means buying a part of a great building. That it's terrific for the environment is a big bonus, too. Here's a good clip:

Jennifer and Peter Gyr needed more space and found a green apartment by accident. Wanting to be close to Wall Street, they looked up and down Battery Park’s North End Ave. before signing a lease for a two-bedroom at the Tribeca Green. It has the high-end features you’d expect in a $5,400-a-month rental, like slick white European-style kitchen cabinets and granite counters. Less flashy are the filtered air system, insulated windows and energy-efficient appliances. The couple pay less for electricity than they did at their old 1960s-era apartment in midtown. They also feel better. Jennifer says her sinus infections and bouts of bronchitis, which were a chronic problem, have disappeared. Peter says his throat is less scratchy. He and Jennifer most appreciate being able to see the sky and having Teardrop Park nearby. “It’s like an oasis,” says Jennifer, 40, an art dealer specializing in photography. “Even if you offered me an apartment on Park Ave., I’d want to know, is it eco-friendly?”

Little by little, New York buyers are getting in on the big Green secret. Interested? We have apartments available at these buildings mentioned in the article:

Or, take a look at our many other Green Buildings.

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