Condos Still Selling at Riverhouse as Developers Engage in Legal Skirmish

The Riverhouse in New York CityWe'll just be honest about this: we at New Construction Manhattan just love us some Riverhouse. The super-sustainable Battery Park City condo is one of the greenest NYC condos out there, period, and offers every bit as much in terms of amenities and stunning apartments for sale as it does in terms of green elements. The Riverhouse is a LEED Platinum condo with a great location and great condos, and that's why we like it so much. There, we said it. So who cares if Riverhouse is currently wrapped up in a legal squabble between its managing corporation and developers? Um, right?Well, people care, but what's important is that the condos at The Riverhouse are continuing to sell and sell well even as the people behind the building engage in their slap-fight. New York real estate blog Curbed covers the kerfuffle well, but even they can't resist pointing out how well the condos for sale at Riverhouse are moving -- the condos at The Riverhouse are 70 percent sold, including one sold to Leonardo DiCaprio. The building remains very much on track and certainly remains one of the more impressive condominium listings in Battery Park City. It'd be great if everyone could play nice, of course, but it's good enough that The Riverhouse -- our beloved Riverhouse -- is apparently doing just fine.

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