Feeling Lucky: Google Prepares to Change the Mortgage Game

googleBuying an apartment or condominium in Manhattan doesn't have to be a painful process -- especially if you're working with, ahem, the right people -- but no one has ever mistaken shopping for the best mortgage rates with a good time. A familiar name has recently tossed its hat into the mortgage quote game, though, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Google's new mortgage-comparison service change the way apartment buyers get mortgage quotes. It's not just us saying this, either. GlobalEdge is bullish on the new Google mortgage comparison service."[The service] dramatically increases the speed and ease at which buyers can get a quote," Ashley Rigg writes. "Significantly, buyers can search anonymously for the best deal based on their personal circumstances, including their deposit and credit rating." The ability to search for a mortgage quote that reflects each home-buyer's specific circumstances is the really new wrinkle offered by Google's mortgage-comparison service, and it could be a game-changer. It wouldn't be the first time Google revolutionized an industry, after all. All of which means that the continued emergence of the Google mortgage quote service clearly bears watching going forward.

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