Is Upper West Side Luxury Condo Linden 78 Ready For Its Comeback?

Posted on Wed, 06-30-2010

We at New Construction Manhattan have had our collective eye -- we just share one, it's more convenient -- on Upper West Side luxury condo Linden 78 since it was first announced back in 2009. There's a lot to like, after all: top-tier new construction finishes and amenities share space with elegant condos that have spacious dimensions and soaring ceilings that are more-or-less pre-war in their graciousness. But while Linden 78 inarguably rates among the most interesting new condo listings on the Upper West Side, it has spent the last six months as just that: a listing. Calls to Linden 78's sales office weren't answered, and the building was wrapped up in . Now, finally, comes some good news: the phones are being picked up at Linden 78's sales office, and indications are that Linden 78 could begin sales within the next month. This is good news for a number of reasons.

First and most obviously, it's good for those of us who have been watching Linden 78 -- both real estate heads and those looking for a luxurious new condo on the Upper West Side -- that this blue-chip development seems just about back on track. But in a broader sense, the seemingly impending return to glory of Linden 78 seems to be part of a story we've been covering here at New Construction Manhattan over the past couple months: the broader awakening of various apparently dormant NYC condo listings as the NYC real estate market stirs back to life after two years of bad times. In the micro sense, it's good to see a worthy development like Linden 78 getting things together, but the macro-scale news -- that the -- is probably even better.

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