My Own Private Bowling Alley: Upper West Side condo The Aldyn's Amazing Amenity Space Set To Open

Posted on Tue, 11-09-2010

We at New Construction Manhattan have had our collective eye -- we just share one, it's easier -- on The Aldyn for some time. Few new construction condo listings on the Upper West Side -- honestly, few new construction condo listings anywhere in Manhattan -- were as ambitious in conception as The Aldyn, which shares a perch on lower Riverside Drive with luxury rental The Ashley. It wasn't just that The Aldyn was a sterling example of shoot-the-moon ambition on the part of developers Extell, although it's that. It's that The Aldyn was a fearlessly upscale new construction condominium development built during one of the lowest down-cycles in real estate development in... well, ever. The project itself was promising from the start – between The Aldyn's striking looks, the 40,000 square feet of amenitized space and the stunning Hudson River views and generous floor plans on offer in the apartments for sale, The Aldyn always sounded like a winner. It was the timing that seemed questionable. But with the building nearly complete and The Aldyn's signature amenity space set to open -- and with pictures revealing it to be every bit as expansive and plain awesome-looking as advertised -- it seems safe to say that The Aldyn has made it. Which makes the La Palestra amenity space at The Aldyn that much more worthy of a look."The amenity space, located below [The Aldyn and The Ashley] at 63rd between Riverside and West End, is one of the most incredible spaces of its kind in the city, with a top-of-the-line fitness center operated by La Palestra, pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam rooms, two-story rock climbing wall, simulated golf driving range, two-lane bowling alley, yoga/pilates/spin classes, and a full-size basketball court," the Upper West Side blog MyUpperWest reports. Of course, our listing for The Aldyn at New Construction Manhattan can tell you that. Click through to MyUpperWest, though, and you'll find photographic proof of La Palestra's amazing suite of amenities, from the basketball court (shiny!) to the bowling alley (also shiny!). Between La Palestra, which is set to open on November 15, and the fashion-minded art show currently going on at The Aldyn, this might be the rare condo building worth visiting even if you're not currently in the market. You know, just to check things out, contact us now.

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