New On New Construction Manhattan: Getting To Know Barbizon 63

Barbizon 63 in New York CityManhattan real estate is a living thing, which means that new condominium listings go up on New Construction Manhattan all the time. This week is no different, as a bunch of pre-war condominium listings are hitting our database. As part of a semi-regular feature, we'll cast the spotlight on a few of these deserving newbies as they go up. Today, we'll take a look at Barbizon 63, a pre-war condo building on the Upper East Side that's also among the newest NYC condos on NCM.There's no shortage of pre-war condos on the Upper East Side, although the relative wealth of such listings on the UES does nothing to diminish the appeal of the pre-war apartment listings in the neighborhood. A pre-war condominium in Manhattan remains one of the great prizes in NYC real estate, and the apartments for sale at The Barbizon go a long way towards showing why. With their open floor plans, soaring ceilings and pre-war design elements, the condos at Barbizon 63 deliver what buyers hope for in a pre-war condominium, but Barbizon 63's array of ultra-modern building management systems and a recent top-to-bottom renovation ensured that these pre-war condos are also at the cutting edge of modern living. What truly sets Barbizon 63 apart from other pre-war condominium listings, though, is its wide array of amenities. Generally, amenities are something buyers are willing to trade for a pre-war apartment -- few architects were carving out space for fitness clubs or residents-only lounges back in the 1920s, after all. But Barbizon 63's past as a luxury hotel -- it was a favored spot of Grace Kelly's when she was in town, and even has a Wikipedia entry -- ensures that it Barbizon 63 has hotel-style amenities most pre-war buildings don't. That means there's access to an elite 24-hour concierge service, as well as a screening room, fitness facility with indoor pool, stately dining room and elegant library, where most pre-war apartment buildings can offer only a laundry room and some elevators. A worthy and welcome addition to New Construction Manhattan's condo listings, to be sure. Barbizon 63, everybody. Let's give it a big hand, shall we?

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