New on New Construction Manhattan: Getting To Know BLUE Condominium

Blue condominium in Manhattan The topping out of a new construction condominium is a big deal, but new NYC condos crop up on New Construction Manhattan just about every day. In some cases, these are new buildings with new condo listings; in other cases, it's just a new condo listing on NCM. While the BLUE Condominium, an architecturally stunning condo on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, isn't exactly new -- the building went up in 2006, and has been an eye-catching blue-tinted fixture on the lower Manhattan skyline ever since -- it is new to New Construction Manhattan's apartment listing database. Which means that we now have a good excuse to introduce you to both a fascinating condo and one of the elite condo listings on the Lower East Side.While the Lower East Side is justifiably known as one of NYC's liveliest neighborhoods in terms of nightlife, dining and shopping, it has not necessarily been known as an architectural mecca. That's changed in recent years, but there's still no condo listing on the Lower East Side that looks quite like BLUE Condominium. For that, thanks are due to star architect (Starchitect? Let's not) Bernard Tschumi, who is responsible both for the stunning blue-tinted exterior and striking public spaces inside and out. BLUE Condominium trades in some of the trendy amenities of other new construction condos (sorry, no residents-only lounge, here) to focus on each condo's living spaces. Which was a good choice. Because these condos are stunning. Few apartments for sale in the Lower East Side or anywhere else in lower Manhattan offer views as panoramic, condos as sun-drenched, or as top-to-bottom a commitment to beautifully designed spaces and ultra-modern conveniences. A host of energy-efficient green design elements share space with some surprising luxuries. Select condos at BLUE Condominium feature outdoor showers and private terraces (the two kind of go together) and all apartments for sale feature a host of top-flight fixtures and finishes. BLUE Condominium is the elite condo listing in the Lower East Side, and one of the finer new NYC condos to surface on New Construction Manhattan in some time. So, yeah, give it a look.

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