What Are We Doing Here?

nySo, you've probably noticed: the blog at New Construction Manhattan gets updated on a less-than-regular basis. While we strive to cover what's important to those looking for condominiums and apartments in Manhattan, from FHA-approved buildings to gyrations in the mortgage market to new condominium listings and construction, we haven't exactly done so regularly. Starting soon, that's going to change.Not the "covering the most important news in the Manhattan condominium market" part, don't worry. But the not-updating-regularly part. Our ambition is to fill this space up with what you need to know about the market for new construction condominiums and apartments for sale in New York City, and about New York City real estate in general. What this means is that when new condominium buildings top out in Manhattan, you'll hear about it here. When something big happens in the Manhattan real estate market or in the world of condominiums in New York City, you'll hear about it here. When new apartment and condominium listings hit New Construction Manhattan's listings database... you get the idea. It will all be here, starting soon. We look forward to seeing you around the blog.

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