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A small and bustling rectangle of commerce, history and a few new construction condos, the Garment District sits north of Chelsea between Fifth and Ninth Avenues from 34th Street to 42nd Street and somewhat under the radar. While the Garment District is something of a late entrant to the Manhattan condominium scene, it has been one of NYC’s most vital neighborhoods for a while and was the center for fashion design and manufacturing in the United States since the early 20th century. While much of that industry has moved offshore in recent decades, over a third of the clothing manufactured in the United States is still designed in the Garment District. The emergence of small ethnic enclaves in the neighborhood -- a block of West African shops and restaurants here, a vibrant multi-block Koreatown there -- has given the Garment District new life, and the presence of NYC landmarks such as the Empire State Building and New York Public Library have kept it alive with tourism, but the business of the Garment District is still, unmistakably, business.

But while it has long been a great place to do business, the Garment District is also an increasingly a popular place to live. Several promising new luxury rental buildings have opened in this high-energy area in recent years, and new construction Garment District condominium developments are in the pipeline. A central Manhattan location, prime mass transit access, iconic shopping and an ongoing office-space boom have ensured that the Garment District has retained an enduring appeal, and its fortunes as a residential neighborhood are on the rise.

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