Loft Apartments in Manhatttan

The loft movement quickly influenced the rest of Manhattan real estate. Lofts helped establish real estate ideals like space, natural light, and, of course, the city influenced lofts in return. Lofts became as diverse as anything else in New York. Take a look at this range of options...


Loft Apartments for Sale in New York CityOriginally just a SoHo thing, the loft lifestyle has spread all over.

After the first waves of intrepid artists domesticated the Warehouse District into a loft community, rent quickly began to rise in the area newly dubbed SoHo. The booming loft communities proved a gift and a curse for low income artists and writers. These artsy pioneers moved on to enliven former industrial buildings in areas like Midtown West, the LES, and Washington Heights.

The New York loft continues to spread all across the city... and they're not just salvaged factories anymore. Builders realize how popular lofts are, so many lofts on the market are brand new.


Looking for a one bedroom loft, with a large open area for dining, studying, and socializing?

How about a more traditional floor plan fit for a family, with multiple bedrooms?

Or maybe you'd like to celebrate the artist's loft experience, able to tell your guests, "We kind of crash wherever"? Some lofts don't really fuss with the whole "bedroom" concept.


Do you go old school NYC loft, and apply your personal touch to the converted warehouse look (weathered textures, exposed piping, high tin ceilings... the all-around authentic DIY aesthetic), or choose a loft designed with luxury in mind (all the trimmings you'd expect in any other kind of Manhattan home)?

Keep in mind, pretty much any loft will (by definition) share a few key traits... high ceilings, tall windows, and wide open floor plans. It's all about finding the right mix of new and classic!

Loft Apartment for Sale in New York CityExtras:

The original appeal of lofts was their low cost and accessibility. That's still a feature of plenty of lofts in the city, but upscale lofts are abundant too.

Big name designers have crafted all sorts of innovative homes inspired by loft thinking. This means more than just lofts professionally designed for livability. Most carry over key loft elements while adding amenities like pools, gyms, community areas, concierges, valets... anything a Manhattan home can provide.


  • Some lofts are going to need TLC. The good thing is you can usually add tweaks like walls, partitions, and interior finish.
  • Learn all you can about condos and co-ops... Most lofts are technically one or the other.
  • No matter what flavor of loft you're after, we can help you find and own it.