Finally: Amenities For Teens In New Construction Buildings

Luxury teen lounge in Manahttan condo buildingBasketball courts, bowling alleys, decked out lounges, lounged out rooftop decks, pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers, libraries, screening rooms, indoor baseball fields, children’s playrooms, catering kitchens, full-time concierges and doormen. What are ‘amenities in luxury new construction condominiums’, Alex?

Amenities make already luxurious new construction buildings ultra-luxurious, giving them ways of differentiating themselves from their neighbors. “We have a bowling alley, what do you have?” shouts one new construction building to its not-as-cool neighbor. “W-w-we…” stammers the neighbor and unable to finish the sentence, shakes its head, turning back to its duties of rising into the Manhattan skyline. What a skill, thinks new construction building number one. I rise just as tall, but I have some pretty awesome amenities to offer and you don’t. So, ha.

Sounds a bit like the ridiculous thoughts in a teenage head, doesn’t it? Well that could be because amenities have taken to pleasing a new audience: Manhattan teens and tweens. Buildings have always seemed to provide amenities to adults with fitness centers, screening rooms, and lounges or to children with children’s playrooms and daycare services, but the in-between generation has been left out. It’s left out no more; new construction buildings are starting to focus their energy on providing teens and tweens with an amenity that suits their needs.

Buildings like the Laurel on Manhattan’s Upper East Side decided to provide teens with a lounge just for them. Stocked with a pool table, foosball table, arcade games, computers, and iPod dock, the Laurel’s teen lounge gives teens a place to hang out in their own home. When you live in the suburbs or a rural area, teens can spend time with their friends in their basement or backyard, but when you live in Manhattan, basements and backyards are never available. Teen lounges give teens a place to hang out with their friends instead of wandering around on the streets or sitting in their parents’ living room. Teens and tweens can go down to the lounge, play some music, dance around, watch TV, and play pool or foosball at home, but in a place that was created with them in mind, giving them a spot that they want to go to hang out with their friends in.

Teens are the new crowd to please when it comes to new construction amenities with teen lounges becoming a spreading trend around the city. More condominiums are following in the Laurel’s footsteps, bringing education into their spaces designed just for teens and providing them with a spot that they can bring their friends to hang out in. Watch out because teen lounges will soon be popping up all around Manhattan and your teen will want to live in the building with the coolest one and you know what will happen if you don’t give in: they’ll never talk to you again.