How To Make Your Open House Experience A Successful One

Posted on Mon, 08-15-2011

Open houses are a great way for potential buyers to get the lay-of-the-land when it comes to their apartment search, providing them with the perfect opportunity to get into a few different apartments and decide what exactly they are looking for. A broker is a big help when it comes to setting up appointments and many times will join buyers on days when they are touring open houses. Here are some tips thatthe New York Times agrees are good for buyers to know about taking advantage of open houses in Manhattan.

  • When it comes toapartments for sale in Manhattan, Sundays are the days to go to open houses. A good start for buyers who are just beginning to look at apartments is to see four to six places in a day. This will help the buyer to figure out exactly what type of apartment they are looking for, what neighborhoods they like, and what kind of building they want to live in.

  • After arriving in aneighborhood, get the feel of what is around you. What do you see? What do you hear? What is nearby? How do you feel about the area you are in? It is important to remember how a neighborhood makes you feel. Take notes or pictures while you are there so that you can compare down the line.

  • When you get to a building, don’t go rushing into an apartment. Take note of the building’s environment. Is the outside of the building busy or quiet? Does the building have a doorman? Is there an elevator that you would feel comfortable using daily? Take notice of the lobby and what you see on your way through the building to the apartment. Again, keeps notes of all of these things.

  • Make sure you leave your information and yourbroker’s information with the listing agent. It’s important that you sign in so that the listing agent can contact you. Most of the time, they will contact your broker, but either way they need both (yours and your broker’s) of your information.

  • Don’t rush through an apartment when you’re looking at it. Notice the little things, not just the general ones. Look out the windows and sit on the couches. Spend time getting the feel of the apartment. (Remember your notes!) Look at everything: in closets, at the molding on the wall. Don’t leave anything to be unnoticed. You might love the general feel of an apartment, but then when you look closer notice that there are some damages.

  • Find out the financial situation when it comes to living in a building and if any offers have been made on the apartment so far, but don’t divulge your own financial situation or make an offer just yet. Remember, this is just an open house. Talk the apartment over with your broker afterwards and let him or her guide you.

  • Finally, don’t leave any questions you may have unanswered. When you see residents in common areas, ask them questions about what the building is like. How are the neighbors? What is the atmosphere like? Ask about the amenities, the services, the neighborhood, anything you want more information on.

These are the need-to-know facts about touring apartments on open house days. As a buyer, if you follow these simple guidelines, your apartment search will be all smooth sailing, so take these tips and run with them next Sunday to Manhattan’s open houses.

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