West Chelsea Welcomes the Arrival of Avenues School

Avenues School in West ChelseaManhattan is home to some of the best private and charter schools in the United States. The quality of some of the city’s learning institutions is one of the things that makes New York City so desirable for residents seeking luxury condos for sale. City residents routinely site the quality of nearby schools when explaining why they made the decision to live in the Manhattan neighborhood they moved to. With such a reputation for educational prestige, its no wonder that educators and developers would want to build newer and even better flagship schools in the city. And with that information in tow, we present to you Avenues School, a K-12 institution in West Chelsea that promises to deliver an education experience completely unique to our world.

Avenues School, which will open its doors to students in the fall of this year, is located in West Chelsea not far from the High Line. Carrying a tuition fee of $40,000 a year, it bills itself as “The World School,” and seeks to provide students with a global experience, where they will not only learn the language and culture of foreign countries, but will also be given the opportunity to study in some of those foreign lands. The school will do this by building, over the next ten years, 20 or more additional schools, not only in other major American cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago, but in other parts of the world as far reaching as China and the Middle East. Students will be given the opportunity to spend time in one or more of those countries, where they will be given a first class educational experience.

While Avenues School will potentially revolutionize the way primary education is conducted, it will also drastically change the layout of the West Chelsea neighborhood it inhabits. That part of downtown Manhattan has already seen enormous changes and a storm of new development, thanks to the High Rise and the resulting demand for developers to build new luxury condo buildings in the area. With the arrival of Avenues School, the neighborhood will become a greater draw for families who want their children to be near the best schools Manhattan has to offer. The arrival of Avenues School in West Chelsea signifies just how far the neighborhood has come, and makes clear that the Chelsea neighborhood has become one of the city’s fastest growing and exciting neighborhoods.