Building Doormen Go the Extra Mile This Holiday Season

New York luxury apartment doorman

Apartment hunters in New York City are known to look at a lot of things before committing to a home in the city. They want the extravagant spaces, they want the gorgeous views, they want the latest in technology—their apartments must have it all. But besides the features of their homes, Manhattan’s home-hunters are also keen to know about the building amenities they will be treated to: these can range from something as flashy as a rooftop club room to the relatively less-publicized services of a full-time doorman. However, doormen are a very important and useful amenity to have in a building—especially during the holiday season.

Residents of Manhattan’s luxury buildings often see their building’s doorman as a source of comfort and security; a familiar face who greets them as they walk in and outside their buildings each day. But during the holiday shopping season, these doormen have an additional task to handle—carrying, moving and sorting through the deluge of packages that are sent around during this time of year. With more people resorting to online shopping for their holiday shopping needs, daily deliveries have become something of a norm at buildings all around the city, and these doormen are the ones having to face the onslaught of packages.

A report in Reuters says that doormen often see a number of problems with the increased delivery traffic in their buildings. For instance, the report describes the doorman at The Normandie on 140 Riverside Drive as having to wade through “thigh-high” stacks of packages. Another doorman in the same Upper West Side neighborhood said that the increased number of deliveries often mess up his otherwise clean lobby, with bad weather conditions like rain or snow often worsening the situation. Building doormen are then faced with the difficult job of tallying up all these packages and making sure that they are sent to the intended recipient in time for the all the holiday festivities.

So how can residents of Manhattan’s finest buildings show their gratitude to their doormen for all the work they are doing? Well, the easiest way would be to say a honest “thank you,” but add to that a well-rounded tip, and your doorman is certain to appreciate your gesture a little more. The general consensus is that the average tip for doormen should range between $25 and $150, although tips that go higher up on the scale are obviously always welcome. In any case, tip them well—after all, these are the men and women who smile at you each and every day of the year, and it would be nice to spread some of the cheer to them as well during this holiday season.