A Closer Look at Manhattan's Fannie Mae-Approved Condominium Developments

Posted on Fri, 11-20-2009

We've discussed the Federal Housing Administration's new set of guidelines for new construction condominium buildings and . And while we don't know yet what kind of impact the government's new standards will have on a roughed-up housing market, we now know -- thanks to Fannie Mae's list of approved condominium buildings in New York -- which new condominium developments in Manhattan have been granted Fannie Mae approval. Why does this matter?Well, because the condominiums for sale at these Fannie Mae-approved condo developments qualify for really generous government-backed financing and home loans. Many of these new condo buildings are already hugely popular here at New Construction Manhattan, which makes sense and is even kind of reassuring for those inclined to trust the wisdom of crowds -- considering that the condominiums for sale at these new residential developments were already among our most popular condominium listings, it looks like the Fannie Mae has the same ability to recognize top-flight luxury condos as buyers in the New York City real estate market. This much is undoubtedly true, though: the apartments for sale at the new construction condo developments below have unquestionably become that much more appealing thanks to the generous government financing available. So, without further ado: your Fannie Mae-approved new condominium developments in Manhattan are:

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