In the Mood for Some Good News about Manhattan Real Estate?

Good news about Manhattan real estateWell, why not start off with just plain all-around good news. According to Bloomberg:

Consumer spending in the U.S. probably rose in May for the first time in three months and home sales increased as Americans became more confident the recession will end this year.

So that's the feeling in the air across the country. What about our part of the world? Yep, it gets better. In fact, CNBC says Northeastern U.S. home sales rose almost 4 percent in May. Huge!They chalk it up to first-time homebuyers taking advantage of favorable tax breaks. The media often talks about the economy as if it's some kind of mysterious entity with a mind of its own. But it all comes down to more and more people feeling more confident about spending and investing. And there are signs, as we can see, that this is starting to happen. So do your part and buy an apartment. Just kidding... but there's no harm in taking a look, right?

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