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First-time Home Buyer's Tax Credit = Your New Down Payment?

How does the first time home buyers tax credit work in New York?We've written before about the first-time home buyer's tax credit. It's been a great opportunity all along. Now here's an interesting development... As the FHA reports, the tax credit can now function as a kind of mortgage down payment. Technically, a buyer can use it as kind of interim financing known as a bridge loan or even an $8,000 cash advance.

3 Hot Upper West Side Restaurants (near great apartments, of course)

Upper West Side RestaurantsWhen you think Upper West Side, do you think foodie destination? Probably not. But all that's changing: Did you see that article in today's Post?

Thinking of Buying an NYC Apartment without New Construction's Help? Uh-oh..

New Construction Manhattan If you're on the prowl for a new apartment in Manhattan, it's ok to be excited. There are tons of good deals out here! But some NYC apartment buyers are so excited about this buyer's market that they're overlooking some things. Pretty important things. Like, oh, how much the whole place is gonna cost. No matter how fantastic a deal is, there are still plenty of small costs that you just have to factor in. So when we hear of new homeowners getting a case of sticker shock, it can be a good lesson for all of us: be prepared. I'll tell you one thing...

Why NYC Green Apartments Are Great For Non-Greenies, Too

Green apartments in NYCGreen Buildings? Sounds nice and all, but what can they offer homebuyers who aren't all that worried about the environment? Plenty... from better air and water to long-term savings due to efficiency. Check out Shades of Green: Builders, buyers differ on importance of eco-friendly living on Daily News, for some accounts from real buyers like yourself. What comes through from these buyers is clear: buying Green means buying a part of a great building. That it's terrific for the environment is a big bonus, too. Here's a good clip:

Homes for Sale in New Hudson Hill Condo (As seen in the NY Times)

New condo sales in Hudson HillYou may have read this piece in the Times about Manhattan apartments that've been selling well lately. Why not take a look at apartments still available in one of the buildings mentioned, Hudson Hill Condominium? As the Times puts it...

3 Recent Stories of Great Manhattan Apartment Buys

A view of luxury apartments in ManhattanInteresting article in the Times this morning, about several Manhattan co-ops and condos that have recently sold... at total bargain prices. We've been saying it all along, but it's becoming more obvious by the week: right now, NYC real estate is a buyer's market if there ever was one. And since it's springtime, sellers are more eager than ever to move units. Hey, we're just trying to help you find a good deal. Check for apartments in the neighborhoods mentioned in the Times post, Central Park West and Chelsea. Source: Sold for Don't Ask What


4 Manhattan Neighborhoods to Get In While the Getting's Good


Did you catch The Opportunist's Guide to Real Estate from New York magazine? Pretty fascinating piece... The mag put together a list of NYC neighborhoods that flourished in the '80s, dipped during the early '90s, and then came storming right back through the mid '00s. Huge, huge numbers for some of these... Take a look at the list's Manhattan neighborhoods:

5 Reasons New York Real Estate Is Better Than You Think

goodTurns out we're not the only ones who like good news about the New York real estate market...

New York is still New York--it's the planet's best-equipped city when it comes to stuff like this.

How About a Little Good News for Downtown Manhattan Real Estate?

Downtown Manhattan real estateAs you may have gathered, we here at NCM like to spread good news, especially when it comes to the New York City real estate market. And, believe it or not, there's always good news to be found. Take the Downtown 2020 report--funded by the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute and Baruch College’s business school -- for instance.

WANTED: Early Adopters of New York City's Green Real Estate

New York City's early adopters of green real estate

Good article from The Real Deal... Greening the city means getting realistic. A clip:

But while the commercial real estate market is already taking steps to go green, [Daniel Kaplan, senior partner at FXFowle Architects] said, the residential market isn't focused on greening yet, tending to rely on traditional selling points instead. "It's always puzzling to us that the residential market hasn't caught up to this [green trend]."