The Numbers Are In: 15 Central Park West Is The Richest Address In Manhattan Real Estate

One thing is certain about Manhattan luxury condominiums -- they are luxurious condominiums located in Manhattan. That particular tautology aside, though, the world of Manhattan luxury real estate can often seem like an especially well-amenitized bit of science fiction -- a sort of parallel universe in which new luxury condos compete for potential buyers by jockeying to see which new condo boasts the most impressive golf simulators, best-landscaped rooftop terraces and highest ceilings. We love it, of course, but it does make even us here at New Construction Manhattan -- whose job, as you've probably noticed -- is to observe and cover this particular scene wonder just how much luxury even this wealthiest of boroughs can afford.

Well, wonder no more. The astronomical figures are in, and a winner has been named. In a recent blog post, Property Shark announced that residents of 15 Central Park West has the highest gross income in Manhattan. Grossing approximately $1,883,936,235 since January 2005, 15 Central Park West beat out The Plaza, the iconically extravagant Fifth Avenue hotel that offers a handful of luxury condo-style residences, by nearly $608 million. And not only does 15 Central Park West have the highest gross income in Manhattan, but in all of America. The average sale price for condos in 15 Central Park West is a little over $8 million. The highest sale in the building was a whopping $45 million for a 39th floor duplex. So, what makes 15 Central Park West so irresistible to the super-rich, you ask?

Well, there's the fact that Manhattan condos near Central Park don't come much nearer to that park than 15 Central Park West. But aside from the fact that the building’s front yard is Central Park, 15 Central Park West combines that prime Manhattan location -- it is also only two blocks from the luxury retail mecca at Columbus Circle -- with an address that has the words Central Park right there, which is always helpful. But even more helpful than all that is the fact that 15 Central Park West is a pretty impressive building, from its wall-to-wall amenities -- a state-of-the-art fitness center, a reflecting pool, a full-size screening room and library, and so luxuriously on -- to the actual residences for sale, which rank among not only the most luxurious condo listings on the Upper West Side, but among the most tasteful and spacious, best-appointed and most comprehensively impressive condo listings in Manhattan, period.

Other rich-person favorites in the Top 10 list include developments such as the blockbuster celebrity-magnet Time Warner Center Condominium, Tribeca superstar 101 Warren Street and the Orion. The gross income for these developments ranges from $424,498,695 to $1,097,913,234, which... it's probably better if you don't think too much about that. But as with most things in Manhattan real estate, you get what you pay for at these ultra-high-end Manhattan condos -- from the most over-the-top suites of amenities to the most spacious and gracious condominiums for sale, a look at the list suggests that Manhattan's super-rich have proven to have pretty excellent taste in condominiums. If you can afford to pay half a billion dollars to live in one of Manhattan’s nicest developments, realtors will be welcoming you with open arms. Whether you live in 15 Central Park West (#1) or The Downtown by Starck (#10), though, your secondary address -- besides the one in Dubai and the summer one in the Hamptons -- is pretty certifiably "in the lap of luxury."