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Call it the Far East Side, or Midtown East East. Geographically, Roosevelt Island is in the East River, but it's perhaps more accurate to describe Roosevelt Island as a neighborhood unto itself -- east of Manhattan, west of Queens, and somewhere very different than the average New York City neighborhood. A small and unpretentious residential neighborhood with a very distinctive location and East River views other Manhattan neighborhoods can only dream of, Roosevelt Island is one of the most unique places to live in all of New York City. With easy mass transit links to midtown Manhattan via the V train and a scenic Tramway that offers the loveliest-looking commute in Manhattan, Roosevelt Island is closer to Manhattan than many expect. But primarily because of that ribbon of river running between Roosevelt Island and Manhattan’s east side, condominium listings on Roosevelt Island rank among the best values in New York City real estate. To be sure, Roosevelt Island is an unusual place. Where else in New York City would you expect to find stunning city views, acres of green space, and even some classic suburban peace and quiet?  For shopping, dining and nightlife, though, life on Roosevelt Island really is more akin to life in a suburb than in Manhattan -- although Bloomingdale's, a host of acclaimed restaurants and innumerable bustling East Side bars are just a subway stop or tram-ride away. The last decade saw a boom in residential and condominium construction on Roosevelt Island. Riverwalk Court stands out as a state-of-the-art new condominium offering luxurious apartments for sale at a fraction of what they would across the river in Manhattan. A neighborhood unlike any other in New York City, Roosevelt Island is also home to some of the biggest bargains in NYC real estate.

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            Riverwalk Court

            415 Main Street
            415 Main Street

            Riverwalk Court, a new condominium on Roosevelt Island, has a stylish look and elegant apartments for sale that would fit in perfectly across the river on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. That has something to do with an appealing look that comes courtesy of award-winning architectural firm Costas Kondylis and Partners, but it has more to do with Riverwalk's luxurious apartments for sale and vast array of amenities. From its landscaped greenery and lush gardens to eye-opening views of Manhattan's skyline and the East River, Riverwalk offers a notably rich array of aesthetic benefits. The unique community of Roosevelt Island offers a city-within-a-city feel, while the convenient access to Manhattan mere minutes away by train or subway - offers welcome convenience. Add it all up, and it's easy to see why Riverwalk has emerged as a hit on Roosevelt Island, and as one of the more unique new condo listings in Manhattan.

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