15 CPW Double Apartment Selling for $95 Million

15 Central Park West is slated for a $95 million sale.It’s no secret that Manhattan has seen a series of huge sales recently. Listings in Manhattan are carrying some of the heftiest price tags the city’s ever seen, and apartment owners aren’t bashful about it either. The most recent addition to this trend will be on the 35th floor of Manhattan's premier condominium. However, what separates this property from other trendsetters is the fact that the condo is actually two apartments combined together to form one massive 5-bedroom unit. The price tag? $95 million.
Steel magnate Leroy Schecter is heading the project, having construction crews tear down the walls dividing the two apartments at 15 CPW. Schecter feels confident that his asking price will get offers, asserting that individuals in the world with enough money to do so will be drawn to the Manhattan real estate market and specifically to his residence. Schecter had previously put both apartments on the market as separate units for a grand total of $55 million, but soon took the listings off the market in order to go ahead with his renovation plans. Schecter intends for a portion of the sales from the apartment to go towards his charitable foundation, with the goal of helping end poverty in NYC.

The 15 CPW property is currently the second most expensive listing in Manhattan, behind the $100 million listing at CitySpire. The apartment is notable for its stunning views of Central Park, with an 8x8 window in the master bedroom specifically designed to face Central Park. In the past, current NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez rented one of the apartments for $70,000 a month. The listing is not surprising in terms of price and in fact follows a current trend of condo sales in Manhattan, but as with all listings in Manhattan, the proof of success will be in the sales.