Manhattan Luxury Living Hits New Heights: Literally And Figuratively

Posted on Mon, 08-20-2012

There are some lucky New Yorkers who wake up every morning with the feeling of being on top of the world—literally. These are the residents of the amazingly high apartments in several luxury residential buildings around the city who are guaranteed both stunning views and amazing lifestyles. While Manhattan has always been known for its ridiculously tall skyscrapers, the city’s high-rises have become much more prolific now thanks to the fact that these buildings are now offering homes to live in. A case in point would be , which has traditionally hosted office spaces on its top floors but will now soon be offering luxury homes in those enviable spaces.

Being so high off the ground does have its disadvantages though—especially during storms. High-rise buildings can sway as much as a foot during a storm, with other side effects that include the sight of waves in a bathtub. Sometimes those impressive views which are the USP of these buildings can be blocked—either by clouds or by new constructions that are as tall, or taller, than your own building. But these minute flaws pale in comparison to the many awe-inspiring features of these buildings. After all, it’s not just the heights that make these high-rises so much in demand—these buildings have so much more to offer.

The homes in the high-rises match the building’s heights with their very high—extremely high, rather—standards of living. Take the example of the 90-story One57 in Midtown Manhattan. Try to ignore its heights, look past the stupendous views of the city, and check out the building itself.  With beautiful, contemporary condos in a Christian de Portzamparc designed structure, and amenities that include a triple-height indoor swimming pool, there is no question that —a lap that would be very, very high from the ground, let us add.

But living on top of the world comes with a price, and a rather expensive one at that. A duplex penthouse at One57 was sold for a whopping $90 million, and the Wall Street Journal reports that another large unit at the same building now has an even more staggering asking price of $115 million. Another impressive sale that had the Manhattan real estate market cheering was a luxury penthouse at 15 Central Park West, which sold for a cool $88 million. But as Nancy Packes, a New York-based residential consultant, told the Journal, “people are paying for the status and the exclusivity of living on that next higher floor,” and so these lofty price tags don’t seem to hinder the sale of these amazing homes.

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