Record Listing: $100,000,000 for Midtown Penthouse

Midtown Penthouse in New York CityIn yet another indication of the boom in the high-end Manhattan real estate market, an octagon-shaped penthouse at CitySpire, located at 150 West 56th Street, has been listed for a whopping $100,000,000. The $100 million listing has made this 8,000 square foot luxurious home designed by Juan Pablo Molyneux the most expensive condominium listing in the whole of New York City. This news came on the heel of two other impressive real estate headlines in the recent past—Sandy Weill’s penthouse at 15 Central Park West was bought for $88 million, and a penthouse at One57 was bought for $90 million.

The opulent apartment has been put on sale by its current owner, Steven Klar, president of the Klar Organization. The $100 million Klar’s asking for his Midtown West home is much more than the $4.5 million with which he bought the raw apartment in 1993. Klar then employed the services of the Chilean-born Molyneux, who spent more than two years designing the interior in a classical style, complete with a large chandelier and a column-lined foyer. The penthouse became the Long Island developer’s Manhattan home, where he indulged his passion for collecting Napoleanic-era artwork and lead miniature soldiers.

However, some reports have suggested that despite its extraordinary, nine-digit sales tag, the CitySpire penthouse lacks the elegance and conveniences that more recently built buildings offer, such as 15 Central Park West or the Time Warner Center. But Klar doesn’t seem to be perturbed about that, and thinks that his magnificent penthouse, with its stunningly beautiful interiors, and its 3,000 square foot terrace encircling the apartment that offers views of the city, the rivers, the bridges and Central Park, is sure to find a buyer.  As Klar told The New York Times, “Art is what people are willing to pay for, and an apartment like this is a piece of art.”