Manhattan Condo Garages: Utilitarian Space, Polished Design

443 Greenwich Street New Construction with Luxury Parking Garage

Rendering of 443 Greenwich Street's elegant parking garage.

15 Renwick – the new condo in Hudson Square with a unique marketing cast of steampunk and Victorian characters – will soon release its super-limited parking spaces to the market, and each of the three slots in the 1,000 square foot garage is expected to sell for a cool $1 million.

As wildly high as these prices might seem on first glance, this isn’t the first time that parking spaces have been offered as luxury amenities. According to an article by the New York Post, the boutique loft conversions at 66 East 11th Street offered the first million dollar parking garage back in 2012. Since then, developers have stepped up the design of these once utilitarian-only spaces. One great example is the garage at 443 Greenwich Street, which showcases beautiful interior architecture with some elements reminiscent of pre-war design, namely terracotta floors and what appear to be Guastavino tile ceilings. Meanwhile, 12 East 13th Street’s automated parking slots are reminiscent of what Bruce Wayne would have installed in the Batcave. Astoundingly, 200 Eleventh Avenue, affectionately dubbed as the Sky Garage, is 19 floors high and 14 out of 16 condos feature garages in-unit. Truly an exclusive perk, the only other notable example of this design in a residential building is in Singapore.

It’s worth noting that each of these examples is solidly downtown, where pre-war industrial buildings are most prevalent, but for those who prefer the elegance of Manhattan’s new constructions, several ultra-luxe buildings feature one motor-centric amenity that’s seeing a revival: the motor court. Excellent examples can be found in 20 East End Avenue and 50 United Nations Plaza. However, perhaps no other architect does classic Manhattan elegance quite like  Robert A.M. Stern, whose works at 15 CPW and 220 CPS showcase stunning motor entrances.