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Morningside Heights is encompassed by the area between Riverside Drive on the east and Morningside Drive on the west, as well as 110th Street to the south and 125th Street to the north and defined by the presence of Barnard College and Columbia University. But there's more to this upper Manhattan neighborhood than college town energy. While much of Morningside Heights' fame comes from being home to a wealth prized places in NYC history -- from Columbia University to the Beat Generation hangout The West End Bar to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine to Tom's Diner, the hangout for the gang on Seinfeld -- there is no shortage of new construction condominium developments in the neighborhood. The Apex, offers residents views of Central Park and Columbia University, as well as an impressive suite of amenities. And 88 Morningside Avenue's views of Morningside Park and Central Park has made it another of the neighborhood's new construction condominium success stories. A college town and more, Morningside Heights is still writing its own history.

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            88 Morningside Avenue

            88 Morningside Avenue
            88 Morningside Avenue

            Strategically placed in the heart of uptown and showcasing panoramic vistas of Morningside Park, Central Park and the Manhattan skyline, 88 Morningside is an up-and-coming condominium that ranks high among other apartments in New York City. 88 Morningside offers the best of Manhattan within close reach by providing mass transit lines so that you can go anywhere within a matter of minutes. 88 Morningside emphasizes a top notch amenities package, pristine building features, and a lively nightlife just step away from its front doors, inviting guests from around the world. Set among tree lined streets, major parks and pre-war buildings, 88 Morningside raises the bar high in the New York City condo listings.


            2300 Frederick Douglass Boulevard
            2300 Frederick Douglass Boulevard

            With its blossoming neighborhood and five-star quality amenities, the Apex Condominium at 2300 Frederick Douglass Boulevard offers the best of Manhattan at an uptown location with a downtown vibe. Set in historic Harlem, the Apex flats share their home with a five-star hotel counterpart, fusing quality service with every day Manhattan living. The abundance of amenities and entertainment are what separates The Apex from other apartments, ranking high in the New York City condo listings.

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